Western Omelette

by Beats Walkin'

Released 1997
Released 1997
Original debut CD from Philly's Premier Western Swing band, Beats Walkin'. Fun, upbeat, happy stuff. Great for a party or a drive in the country. Go for it! :~)
What exactly is going on here? That joyful noise you hear is called Texas Swing - an eclectic blend of jazz, swing, country, bluegrass, blues and boogie-woogie that'll have you smiling so wide your cheeks will hurt. Invented "way down Texas way" in the 1930's by a cigar-chompin' part-time barber named Bob Wills, Texas swing blends the sounds of traditional big-band jazz with the western style influences of fiddle and steel guitar. Almost all major country acts today include a swing tune or two in their repertoires. But the sound is so refreshing, so infectious, and so damn much fun, that you can't help but wonder why they don't just play it all the time.

Philly's premier Texas swing band, Beats Walkin', specializes in this unique musical form and has been delighting audiences throughout the area since early 1994. The band consists of some of Philly's finest musicians. Starting with punchy big band arrangements and tight vocal harmonies, they cook up a musical jambalaya that just won't quit. Bassist Dan Gold and drummer Chuck Lindsey keep the pot well-stirred while vocalist Lindsay Gilmour (aka 'The Kiwi Cowgirl') adds just the right amount of spice. Guitarist Jon Dichter and fiddler, Mark Arrington, dazzle with their solistic adventures. Bandleader Jim Cohen blends in the special sauce: he's one of the few musicians in Philly who knows what to do with a pedal steel guitar and can make it cry or dance with just the flick of a wrist.

Obviously, this is no ordinary band. This is an adventure in good taste. From their jazzed up version of the Bob Wills classic, "San Antonio Rose," to the rousing chorus of "Miles and Miles of Texas," this is good-time music that's guaranteed to have you grinnin' all the way from Austin to Boston. For Heaven's sake, don't fight the feelin'. Come on down and have a helluva time!

O. Dewey Lovett

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